Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Diving-kun YANG Zheng urged environmental protection

Map :-kun YANG Zheng Harbor roaming, favorite water world

Hong Kong and Taiwan-kun YANG Zheng recent TV series set five new programs, "Harbor roaming," she said this program will be in the format of documentary films, mainly Hong Kong undersea scenery. She feels that this special educational programs, but also environmental protection. - Kun YANG Zheng more person submersible to the seabed shooting, the earlier they visited the Sai Kung Kiu Tsui and Tsim Sha Tsui Chau and urn cylinder Bay submarine diving. She sighted in Hong Kong beside the east of the most photographed scenes Luk Keng, during all-kun YANG Zheng described the mountain came as Hong Kong tour.

No sharks

- Kun YANG Zheng itself a diving license, which was in Hong Kong, for it had been in Hong Kong Harbor submarine off the water. This after the shooting, she added a pair of diving love, plans again to pass the High diving license. She asked in Sai Kung diving does not worry about the shark-infested. She admitted some may fear, but I think there would not be so lucky, the water before seen water environment, with the highest number of sharks frightening fear of sharks.

She asked to have tried with her boyfriend Harbor roaming. She admitted no boyfriend now, but this is still a good suggestion. If future boyfriend understand diving, she will ask school. She will also be held at the bottom of the wedding - Kun YANG Zheng said will not be considered, because married life only once, I believe she will choose to be held on land.

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