Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chengdu green advertising shoot Panda cooperation with the answer to the Wachowskis

Photo : star will play a very young for the training of the original artists have ever

"Television entertainment publicity ambassadors" answer to the Wachowskis and "music courses ambassador" peacefully, attended yesterday's Qi "Television entertainment Skills Upgrading Scheme," the press conference. With attendance were the "video entertainment industry working group convener," Xu Xiaoming, quality monitoring group convener, Mr Bo, Labor and Welfare, and Principal Assistant Secretary Chen Jing-wan.

Xu Xiaoming, from 04 government began funding scheme, within three years has set up 125 classes and 2,500 members of the industry to receive training. This year the government will re-funding of about 70% tuition 3.65 million yuan, will be introduced later in the third phase of the course. Three years ago, said the star will play a former first assistant training session, there were only 30 students, now has more than 2,500 people on the retreats.

Cricket recently arrived in Chengdu shooting green advertising and permitted to Chengdu Panda training center, and six three to six months old pandas BB performances. Cricket said shooting to accommodate those Panda BB, because they can stay hot environment for too long and can not dictate what they do, so this actress than she is much more noble. The cricket that, never thought of it close contact with the pandas, hard work are worth it. She also praise cub works often lean-old friend, very cute. However, the pandas have been more than 50 kilograms, she was to be next to efforts to support the physical, have tried to be the claws piercing panda jacket.

Welcome Gigi switch-hao

It was reported recently that Miss Gigi Leung will be over "Star hao" doing a sister who said the cricket Gigi very welcome to join, she felt that her heart with Liu and Gigi You have a different style. She believes will not be thin, because of abundant resources. Reporters her recent reduction of the work, the cricket think is a good thing, she would like to in the direction of a longer road, she prefers to slowly make their choice. Asked whether she felt that it is still the "A 1". Cricket is not enough to refer to their classes. Cricket said this year the company added new about. Whether to pay package approach. She said he is not only to make money. She hoped that future cooperation with Gigi filming, she appreciate each other in "cracking cushions cracking cushions fiscal year" performance. She also is not afraid and will not - because they already have with women all get along.

SWAT HKU Master Reading

As "music courses ambassador" Bess said that the music industry will be very happy with the training courses, he acknowledges artists to continuously upgrade themselves. In September he will attend the University of Hong Kong into a two-year Master of Business Administration courses. But with his political stage to the United States and recorded music, often afraid to attend school. On September 1 he will participate in orientation, for fear of his classmates play Aberdeen, but to integrate into this "society."

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