Thursday, August 23, 2007

Shots farewell to his girlfriend skateboards / Venice competition-winning singer

Map : Shots dating with the arrival of his girlfriend

Premiered last night to attend the "paradise mouth" opening ceremony, he said he should not play anymore skateboards, the 33-year-old has no sons, now some vigorous exercise he could not do.

Asked whether he ordered closed because she was playing. He admitted his girlfriend had said that he would listen to the girlfriend. In November he takes an artistic film, "Shinjuku incident," Chan will take part. Shots will be taken to harlequin style. He said his disfigure acceptable, in fact he has been hoping his roles. "I haven" elected to the Venice Film Festival's closing film, which he will use the 1930 Shanghai modeling. He laughs : "think about, cumbersome stand side Nobody Jimmy, I think that the Department of Jelly brown eggplant, foreign audiences do not know me."

Arson night came hailed Shots market, because the other side has said to shoring own people own people. Before he denied any racial motivation Share foreign female singer Gwen Stefani of the concert, he explained before Eason Chan said a minute that he just tickets to friends. Asked whether he will give tickets critical friends. He said : "The all-critical friends." Thursday denied any racial motivation will be held in Hong Kong concert, he will go in. He had not heard of, to see if it has the votes. He starred those of the "Sun Also Rises" nominated Venice Film Festival competition, the ancestral who said on September 1 from Hong Kong to Venice, September 5 left to visit other places. However, regardless of whether the movie or people who know the winners, he will go back support. Attenborough actor will return, he said rivals Tony Leung, Albert bit and Lau, himself wholeheartedly to visit red carpet.

Another paradise, "I" in which a female lead to embark on his second coming this time is very busy, believe that no time shopping. To embark on his second one speak fluent Cantonese, she said the United States is studying at the school. Her coming here. She hoped she could, because there are a lot of good actors and directors, such as Stanley Kwan, Chan, John Woo and Lau and Tony Leung, Stephen Chow, Lau is her appreciation of actors.

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