Thursday, August 23, 2007

Weekend concerts everywhere see ingenuity

Photo : Gary opened the concert creative

Rock singer Gary recently held in Taiwan will share the music, all the audience come in the entrance examination good votes, would be a Ayue Intimacy prepared Popsicle, he wants to let the people feel cold, forget the sultry summer.

To enter the concert hall, as if in the middle of male Ayue in the living room, the stage is a comfortable sofa, Persian carpets, from the admission of a small gift to enter the venue layout of the stage, everywhere can see Ayue ingenuity. A Yue want to show the home is a very warm feeling, to invite friends to the house and occasionally drank wine small, very comfortable to listen to him talk about singing, all social chaos, pressure hodgepodge of all forgotten.

Although the weekend at home and abroad do many large and small concerts, but yesterday, "Gary is OK Unplugged music sharing" is Ayue "first" at the "Unplugged ticket" concert. The venue can accommodate about 800 people, all of the tickets already sold out. Many can not buy votes in the fans on the Internet to protest performances was too little, people called in to the Rolling Stones album cried not buy votes, have asked the Canadian market.

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