Friday, August 03, 2007

Dai Lin Xiong : Dwarf is not a danger on the road

Photo : Bear Dai Lin and Yao Yi very curious to lizards

Supermodel Xiong Dai Lin (Lynn) and Yao Yi (Mikki) yesterday to attend the "singular reptile Show" was appointed as "ambassadors" who, in addition to spot turtles feeding cattle eat, also enjoy watching chameleon lizards and other exotic animal. Lynn asked Wakes recent criticism of its star Aaron Kwok too "small", that Duqizui she said : "He has not dwarf! Boys dance is not too high, as high-meter plot Morrison is not high mileage! (Will her mind than you dwarf?) Speaking of good times, I did not mind! (Lisa's role will be criticism danger on the road?) No, I know, she is a ghost Maidens, speaking directly, not intentionally criticized the danger on the road. "

As Mikki lizards at first to see some fear, because they are cold-blooded, But they will not bite people know, she is great with a touch their guts about, but she has no intention of keeping as pets. because dependents lizards have a good environment and not as a band of rough Health rough custody. She said : "Even if a touch! "

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