Friday, August 03, 2007

Fine Lease "peel eggs" no longer time-yong

Photo : Secretary-ju Aunt chess stage with a warm atmosphere

Guan Ju (Asteraceae Aunt) with popular television series "runny turmoil," the character of the "small deeds" role while inside, and something brought her first official opening set foot reaped Holyrood Park, the two-day "Guan Ju runny concert will be" officially kicked off last night, except Aunt Ju "runny" public actor Lee Secretary chess, Lin Feng, bell cricket Curran, professionalism, and Chen Hao Yang takes office support, and also invited William So, Edmond Leung and Wu Weiguo power Choir. Many people in the evening to attend the Circle support, including the snow-sen, Chen Chu Yang classics, such as gravity and Huang Shu Yi. Aunt friends - ju, one of the shark has not been the scene, but also sent wreaths wish her the best of success of the performance.

White slip build good

"Fine Lease" Li Ju and Secretary chess with Aunt performances, the most warm atmosphere, Lease publicly praising small Jiepi optical instrument is of good, more to "peel eggs" to describe her, then exposed Lease also filmed a meeting to see small Lease pajamas filming, even see her there in front of a big V, as if a four peel eggs in their eyes, I am tempted beauty made her eyes. Another movie is speaking-ju Aunt suicide, we have to be carried out, results-ju Aunt shape a body shape "or" out to be good arguments before making gowns, build small Lease know how good.

Big Lease Emotionally

Chrysanthemums Aunt recruits since the age of 49, first set foot on the evening before doing reaped Holyrood Park, the night she put into play, sing and dance, performance slowed down. Two Jiabinlin cricket-bell choirs and "thanks" chrysanthemum, Aunt stopping them : "I have not heard your Dad sing live, Also in 『really deserved] Wai! Viewers good Xiangdi dating you Dad. "Then the" big Bao "Eliminate played with the choir - ju Aunt" 18 Phases Sending "Curran quips stopping first stage singing, the first will be dedicated to small Lease. He also sent abalone to the audience seats, the audience was not expected to do it quickly with the reminder he married Aunt-ju, then pulled professionalism, they have to hurry up to get married, even with a son. Aunt hear the blunt-ju, "said Council, and Zhongsheng to baa! Aunt Ju Wu Weiguo and choral "Pastoral Dream," Aunt Ju said with a smile with each other no-sex scandal, but -- Do they. Wu Weiguo think the most crucial contrast, do not have the power off. Last Chrysanthemums Aunt vilified thank you all can support.

End shows, the Secretary talked about Aunt Ju chess praising her white skin is like sliding peel eggs, Aunt Ju was not denied their skin are several good young man now has less than a good time. However, she said yesterday Secretary chess events back then, so she feels very emotional. On this night to show how many points? Chrysanthemums Aunt think only worth about 80 points, there is still room for improvement.

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