Friday, August 03, 2007

Multi-lateral fields dad with a steel boss

Map : Tian knowing right side face black boss

Side Tian summoned to the boss Cork earlier high black-and the boss was transferred offering new Kohi. Side Field last night in "Rave hits," emphasizes that no matter.

Cork boss high

Side Tian said : "Well, the developer Yeah, I dare to point! It seems the circumstances of each artist will encounter. However, in life, to have loyalty, and I regard Cork is the second high-father. Drainage is also my benefactor and many people attack me with my Dad split up, but I Dad Department of steel. Besides, I do Dad Department records, which are not to do right and wrong. Bosses and Sprint have comforted me. Drainage Dad remarks Di and only a small storm, I should learn them unravel Andy Lau, also said no non Di End, would not mind. "Although the fields adjacent to have the feeling of being wrongly accused, but he feels that making music is the best method of counterattack, he said : "If Zo? Di for people to say a few words and give up music, I think Hao Wu deserves. "He also praised Kohi musical talent.

Shoot MV tension

In addition, the field adjacent to the new songs before, "a" shooting MV, in the day directing a non-air-conditioned house shooting he will also wear jacket from time to time in the MV dancing, singing and dancing. The scene is a special sofas, sofas on the full stereo speakers, side to see the field after giving Zhang sofas, sitting in a long time, a love of power. He also is concerned about their MV in the performance of each episode will be a camera shooting and directors to discuss the results, or consult the director of the deficiencies, everything myself.

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