Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kiss to pursue sis

Map : Kiss album Well, he could never

[Liu Wenjie Shanghai on the 13th -- Asia sexy dance after touring (Landy), "Heat Wave" album, a week before the film, landed on the five Chinese records list, G-Music SquattersThe (Mandarin list) and two runner-up list and take a look two hot pursuit Chang Hui-mei (sis) . Landy recently attended Puma Street Dance Competition at the finals to thank the fans support, I also hope that renewed efforts will be snatched from the hands of younger sister Champion, M., said : "ah well even better next week if we really can be champion, I would like to sis should also feel happy for me!"

Take a look 2

When the media asked Brass wish to kill younger sister, won the championship. Brass said : "The two hope to take a par and younger sister, I am happy enough to have a whole week, however good it even better, I will go to refuel and hope the next champion Sunday for me to ride!" So the record company yesterday gave Brisbane a baton, Landy make persistent efforts, and next week Chang Hui-mei from enemy hands grabbed Champion!

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