Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Jia-abuse were used to the bombs

Map : Dr proud children (from left), Zhou Mei Yan, Wang Xin and Zhang Jia better emotional abuse

Fresh beauty pageant entails three children, and Wang Xin Yan Chow and Ho lost pride abuse, Metro yesterday. "Home world" program. four were later to the "song at the ceremony," as well as guest performers "Mr. election" as guests, Turning their eye Charged, children admitted champion Jia-like sport-men, first runner-up Wang Xin like the open - heterosexual, The second week that the United States welcomed on the most important uncomfortable pleasing to the eye. As proud of what the child has seen 12 candidates in Hong Kong men, and they feel pretty good quality.

Sharing feelings

Since the election, several beauty pageant are busy attending to accept the award, said Jia-abuse habit has begun, some time for rest and sleep, For a critique of the negative press she has been accustomed to not feel uncomfortable, but with the beauty pageant attracted several other things, asked Wang Xin and Yan Zhou America may have heard of Zhang Jia abuse complained. Jia-abuse immediately clarified : "I do not complain, experience sharing. "

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