Wednesday, August 15, 2007

FORT nervous that the incident was fabricated rumors

Map : FORT was nervous right to fly the News purely fictitious

Tiananmen Square in Beijing earlier at the 2008 Olympics countdown large evening, there were reports from the big Leo, to compete qualifying, many troubles, the results were flying out of the General Assembly Council, the temporary cancellation of the performance, even kills Olympic theme song in the singer part of the withdrawal. Yesterday Botha radio interview, was asked about the blocked report, he immediately clarified that : "It was a fictitious hearsay!"

Hou explained that when he was with the staff liaison, said the other evening on August 8, but he already knew otherwise working days, not to attend the statement, the other side will call him first recorded song, frankly ask ourselves with the spirit of the companies have a role to play in the Olympics, did not expect to go to bed will be twisting Qu fact that many of his friends have seen reports for him is unfair. But frankly, will not be affected mood, but also will not meaningless news on his mind. Like the deletion of the General Assembly in the Olympic theme song of the concert, frankly explain this, I understand they know that the General Assembly is only recorded another version will be broadcast later had his camera back to the other version. There Chuan Miss Gigi Leung (Gigi) on the relationship between Chenshaoqi will sing the theme song for, frankly is not good Gas said that the entertainment business can be less strange news. He said Gigi in the mainland very good.

Birthday wishes to leave hard to realize

August 18 is a nervous 35-year-old's birthday, on the 19th he will meet with the fans, and asked him in what the day is the celebration. He said with a smile older, less engaging the parties. As for his birthday wish is to leave, but his work has been organized in the crowded, difficult to believe his way, said with a smile to the seventies or eighties first!

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