Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kary loved playing basketball can be increased

Kary Ng (Kary) yesterday to vest jeans present at the press conference, with the market acceptance of the singers have the iron man tests, we also sneaked away into the muddy water, she was the only riding on the motorcycle Mei-camera, very easy. She smiled : "I am wearing a diving suit inconvenient, it is not water." For Kenny wearing jogging shorts and sneaked away, said Kary Kenny was asked why so sexy, he 112-94.

Former school center

The original Kary favorite sport is basketball, the more secondary school teams playing the center, she said : "I was a school team is the highest, playing center position, and often play the singer, also likes suggestions about running together, has selected Hong Kong youth hurdles finals, but it is already School things. "Kary glad there was playing basketball, because the family is not a tall person, thanks to her playing basketball long before higher.

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