Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mr Cuicui a dream-to high-jun

Map : Leaves Cuicui (right), and high-Jun filming, and even he can see the dream

Ye and Gao Jun Cuicui-together yesterday at a shopping center in Kowloon Bay campaign Cuicui earlier-and high-jun in this shopping mall shooting advocacy program, also spent 200 yuan playing models. Yesterday she went to the same location publicity has been preferential treatment, free Luo go dozen models. Cuicui with high-kwan said before-to make a day series which they play lovers may take one day, evening Cuicui have seen the dream of high-Jun. She noted that their right to live GAO Jun-day input has been so, she would later with his theft of the drama lovers, and they worry that dreams are made every evening to see the other side.

That Hong Kong man show good health

Cuicui in "Mr. election" night is one of the adjudicators, reported yesterday in Hong Kong man show has been criticized as "ducks show," Cui said we should not with tinted glasses to see the whole show. She feels good night's show also good to see healthy, there is no pornographic content. She was referring to the night of programming is no problem, backdrops also limit the hope that you will not misunderstand the whole issue. She actually think the most important thing is the audience were happy to see her that evening very much and we do not think there are bad elements.

Referring to a judge is because women get too excited, there is good reason to have such a feeling. Cui said if the judge night like seated in the library as scheduled, the family will feel that the audience saw nausea, no atmosphere. She was referring to contestants go before the judge, they just shook hands and clapping encouragement. If women do not judge hinted that participants might be wondering whether their performance was not good enough.

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