Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Gigi practiced finger injury

Map : Gigi injured fingers, legs or not attract

Miss Gigi Leung (Gigi), the latest Guangdong new songs chosen by music, "a woman character" has been launched, yesterday her to the radio, Gigi said that the album is her between Warner and the last one dish, the future direction, Unlike the publicity pending before thinking. Gigi singing decade, she feels this album is that she has been singing most treasured one, these new songs "Woman character" is her decades of views inside this decade, she felt that her real growth has been a lot of study, followed by her favorite is "Discharge" She was referring to the saucer many songs have many different stories, there is laughter and tears.

Tomorrow will be better

Yesterday see Gigi secondary refers to the right hand wrapped in tape that she exercises before rehearsals hand side action, careless rock fingernails, bloody brilliant, and the pain they can not work because of the relationship between the body, she had to temporarily pack with 52,400. later there will be time to see a doctor. Gigi come back to another new song, "the future of the future" symbolized the future will be better, including love and life. Asked whether she suspected of past and the love of life is still not good enough. She did not deny the past is good, only hope for a better tomorrow.

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