Thursday, August 09, 2007

Singer said : "I have never said to my Jia Baoyu"

Map : singer said do not hate said Jia Baoyu

PRC Xinhua Yan Lin, Wang Chih-kang Jinan on the 8th -- Recently, a guest singer Xiaoshuai tiger Jinan, as a local television program stall pick the final judges. He clarified his friend blog is not meant to seek starred Jia Baoyu, I never thought about doing so. Only more about "Dream of the Red Chamber" sea election, I have read the previous version of the "Dream of Red Mansions" and feel that their feelings with some similar Jia Baoyu and made it something. But when the reporter asked if the opportunity to be invited, will star, he said : "I do not know."

"I like Leslie Cheung, more like my father"

A reporter asked a lot of people think he's like Leslie Cheung, what his feelings. Singer said he like his father, but because their performances before the musical Leslie Cheung, so he had a very hard look at Leslie Cheung movies, studying his music, and in life are to imitate his performance, we feel that it would like the special performances, so much so that now there are people said so. But his father feel more like the normal life has been lived in all their lives, and what look like Leslie Cheung and place.

Previously held in Shanghai, a jazz concert singer admitted his love of jazz, his jazz albums will also be released by the end of admission is currently songs, which will be the choice of songs with sexual flexible, not necessarily very strict pure jazz, and there will be many of the popular elements inside . These will be included in some previous pop music, and there will be some of their own songs, and there are also some songs Leslie Cheung inside. Now the listeners and fans sometimes as election buffets, what flavor would like to try to make a point, the album should also be welcomed.

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