Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Oshima was hailed eggs Examination

Map : Hiromi encourages candidates not to despair

Oshima of Japan yesterday to attend a health food, and a simple model of health food production. The General Assembly also arranged for a gourmet feeding her male gaming, but she is not at all embarrassed, knowing that only propaganda. On nowadays is becoming increasingly popular health food, Oshima said his past who feel linked with the health of the things palatable and it is resistance to health food, but this time tried the product, she has been on health foods completely different, but also access to the shop offers several health food, hope can help lose weight. In fact she is now slimming efforts, the most weight is happy there is still no rebound.

Not to do anything silly

Tomorrow is the release of HKCEE results were five big day, although Hiromi year Examination in "0", but the message is still fresh candidates not to put too much pressure on her : "I hope you follow the candidates interested individuals to choose their own road suitable for development, 10 million not to commit suicide to do anything silly. "Oshima admits poor examination results, the study found that the benefits when it is too late, but still plans to pursue further education, want to learn English and Putonghua.

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