Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gigi trim another killer clash

Map : Gigi going to be thin

Miss Gigi Leung will be on 25 August in Shanghai, "Miss Gigi Leung character" will be staged on the scene yesterday Gigi Room Renowned male dancers there are many girls action. Gigi has said rehearsals for a week or so, the relatively smooth process. These two songs faster "than Kennedy" and "Funny Face" of the costumes are very sexy, she says : "two of sexy clothes I anorexia, due to the clash and jeans." Gigi this effort by the five pounds, 120 pounds now to maintain the best condition. It has been well be a day, like assistant Mummy and fans are often apparent to her drink, happiness is good.

Absolute security

Asked how her sexy costumes? Gigi said : "sing" than Kennedy, "it is a bra top plus shorts. (Whether Bust?) No! Been like this! In short then thin to be thin, so she's more delicious. "Will she like Yumiko fear as the dance sneaked away. Gigi said : "No, I will be better security. The concert will be tight clothing guide me, I have what I rest happiness he can afford. "Gigi, it says that this has invited a dozen friends to Shanghai to support it, she has to hope later in the concert will be held.

Shortlisted happy

Gigi those reports before the Olympic countdown to sing the theme song, because the lyrics were Chenshaoqi relations. Gigi said : "The Olympic sing songs line up for tea, do not know people can sing. I think a good job in reporting frivolous, I was the invitation of the authorities, the Olympics is a happy thing, I will cling to support the mentality. "In addition, with Gigi" Woman character "was nominated Bauhinia" Best Actress " she said yesterday received the director Chun Chun calls, we all happily, and denied any racial motivation is the leading nominated film "best supporting actress." Gigi feel nomination has been positive that good strong opponents, like Gong have won awards before the video, adding that she is mainly to gain experience. Gigi had previously With "Heart" Awards nomination, "Best Actress", have tried to nominate "Best Supporting Actress", but it had the winners, she smilingly said he will continue to work hard.

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