Friday, August 31, 2007

Hacken Lee, "retiring" farewell prescribed foot

Map : Keqin performance in the game to edge down

"Guinness 903 fine sports-seven people Cup" held yesterday, Hacken Lee, Edmond Leung, Liu Hao Lung (older), Zhangjicong, Sandra, in conjunction with the DJ have formed "Hercules teams", with the audience composed of a match, the final from "Hercules teams" 6 4 victory. Zheng Dan-elected "best players", and love of soccer scene Keqin announced "retiring", not the club, yesterday this is his last.

Poor old manual

Ke said he has been regarded as idols Manchester United players Sushike investigation, in the 34-year-old will come to "retire" than his earlier! Ke said he is almost the last group to join Star team. Felt consciously get older, physical watered down competition easily injured, it is meaningless incriminated team to lose, so he decided to "retire", it will only play recreational game playing under. He recalled the past, the club's career, one can not help but think he had been impressed thing. He joined the teenage soccer star, the crowd wave after Kezman, the spectacular shower scenes. He also serves him right to Kenny, each meat silk hostilities, vibrant, Wei wonderful. Xiao Ke asked whether a vibrant. He said with a smile almost all of miles!

Another Edmond Leung laments the recent spate in a football practice when suddenly died, which is only a 22-year-old, he feels the club's players should also pay attention to health and the need for regular check ups. After talking for Keqin "retiring" the decision, he acknowledged the greater people at the stadium on the more vulnerable to injury, but he has been in love with football, do not have any intention "retiring."

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