Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hai-Feng Lin daughter of the environmental concerns

Banner: Hai-Feng Lin personally to promote environmental awareness

JET 5th Anniversary & JET Icon Wong (O), Hai-Feng Lin (Jan), the lateral field, Gan Liang, last night invited to attend the "JET 5th Anniversary & JET Icon Award Presentation Ceremony."

Jan revealed earlier for "JET" magazine design bags, he has always been supportive of environmental protection, but also environmental-owned shopping bag habit. Jan wants to environmental awareness to Professor daughter, I remember one day he personally to the old magazines done to the crown of a daughter, young daughter, not yet aware of the importance of environmental protection, when she received the crown, only when the garbage is so much of his addiction, he would like to spend more time teaching children environmental concerns!

Jan Mangchu recently recorded in November and is expected to launch new, new free-Dong Du laughter DVD. Asked whether he has plans to introduce for some products. Jan laughing himself as "Lin nine," regardless of the concert, issued products are only in the September 9, 09 targeted done.

In addition, the performers also recorded Mangchu Mandarin album, is expected to launch the Christmas time slot, singing songs to be fluent in Mandarin, so deeply engaged several special teachers of Mandarin.

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