Sunday, August 12, 2007

Judge artists see After a sexy dress

Map : three Masters Athletic (from left), the popular and best attended show

Last night's panel of judges from more than 600 different age group and occupational composition of the President, and the artists were judged shoes, Chen Minzhi, YUAN Cai-yun, Tang Ying, Ye and Wu Cuicui other words, they all dress carefully, including for a sexy show, such as the super-Zhi bare buttocks to lower near; Cuicui the deep V trailing skirt value of 40,000 yuan, sponsored diamond ornaments, she unearned comic book, while she also done - especially, the insane are incurred on adhesive tape, said with a smile, "those words" Not goatee. And less sexy dress of Miss Day statement last night, also served deep V court appearance, but to waist to 22 inches, so she was not used to big flu.

Temperament has been a real show of Mrs. girl, missed the last one, back to the scene felt excited, but do not want Grossology, division, but no matter what, it is fun, she was also reminded not to run before her Valley muscle, it will backfire become more astute. Hoffman reportedly girlfriend Mandy and the earlier shooting just fall into their price range for the ATV "Mr. election" special programs last night, also the scene of wireless appearance, we will eat two tea ceremony. She said it is company arrangements, and her boyfriend also know that she came to see singer, and most admitted links Xiangdi Beach pants, and grades of breast appreciate.

MC costumes famous sponsorship

In addition, Tang Ying originally a holiday to Thailand God, when do know that our President hurried judgment posture, and this year is the third year in the evaluation, she admitted, will scream engaging atmosphere, and she thinks of Hong Kong to Mr. tall, witty understand Directors of Health, need not be too strong build. Wearing a purple ABC's hit shows YUAN Cai-yun, chest locations  needle marks, she said she was wearing when careless force probably burst. As for the three popular beauty MC, MC Athletic and also all of the Rings appearance, which stole Aunt wear brand Valentino gown costume with a total value of eight the number of diamond ornaments For Health also sponsored Versace gown and body ornaments with a total value of six digits. As for last year, Mr. Huang hair last night retiring, he confessed some reluctant individuals and good (11) Paying can take his rod, saying that he had enjoyed "riding?" Moves, yellow hair does not think that anti-praised him courageous enough to take it is still waiting to see him jump Dance.

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