Sunday, August 12, 2007

Missing Bassac a small disappointment

Map : small side, no Yet, good disappointing

Alex Fong (ALEX) yesterday to "product safety ambassadors" as Olympian City to attend the "Ninth security of Hong Kong signs the certificate presentation ceremony," said frankly ALEX very happy as can be different, and he will correct knowledge to the public, may also establish a healthy and positive image.

Producer holiday

ALEX will be on the 23rd of this month will fly to Canada for the tour, it must strive to rush at this stage and film work of the tail buried, but also audio tape on her preparations for the work, because record producer Sprint recently promoted to the post of Daddy, he must also question each other out on maternity leave can continue recording, as newborn babies many sleep time, ALEX said with a smile, or may request to take BB MARK A sleeping out in the middle of the night hours for his recording, and I believe that no problem.

Wind delays

Raise recently by the typhoon signal No. 8, Barcelona match to be postponed to yesterday, painstakingly flutter earlier in the ALEX tickets, admission to events out, he was disappointed, ALEX that, if not rescheduled match, he will have time to enjoy the race approaching, now delayed on the 1st, he wanted to attend the event, fans will miss the opportunity, they will transfer tickets babes.

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