Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lu Lysa want to make an action fragment hit Stasis

Map : Lu Lysa (second from right) and runner placed Mouements photo shoot

Lu Lysa yesterday to attend the "2007 Chinese Kung Fu Star TV Global Competition -- Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan Area pageant" press conference, at which nine contestants for self-introduction, which poise when Mouements media camera. Lu Lysa the finale of the contest will act as the master of ceremonies, the day before she and Casey together for action shooting footage in which aired. Playing a day of landing Lysa not lumbar pain, but also because hanging "Wei Ye" hands would lead to a blockage. She said the foundation does not work, only to learn dance, yoga and horse-riding. Film, she seems to be careful about not refer to the primaries-feet. She asked to be interested in being girls. Lu said Lysa anything now would like to try, it seemed she is dancing, and acting in another program. But the origin of the beauty pageant she is not afraid to do girls accused rude. She said : "We will not Wai! - Can be played with a sense of beauty that can limit Chinese martial. "

Mr. expect Hong Kong to do public good

On "Mr. election" has been criticized like a "duck show" that evening is one of the adjudicators, she does not mean this is the first criticism, but do not understand why Miss Hong Kong can wear a swimsuit on stage were commenting commentary, but not the singer. Reporters may be in the audience that night and judged too excited, there is such a feeling. Lu Lysa said : "Because of these programs, different Miss Hong Kong has done 30 years, Mr. only had three years, perhaps decades more, we will start to accept." In short she can find a girl who has been criticized - that men also can be. But her best hope for elections in the Hong Kong President, may be representative of Hong Kong to do something, like Miss Hong Kong, public affairs do not make no contribution.

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