Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Protean Sexy Edison Opera and the opera

Photo : Wearing a sexy expelling sha still resonate today still fresh

Pepsi sigh of relief following the earlier launched six new design, there's a new engaging in August for, but took a hiatus from the peculiar form this year, following a can of a story, rave-type dad, sexy dancers, the rebel tide When Cool Charged people, four unique space four stories, as this year's limited edition Pepsi star packaging.

Following Louis Koo photos cans television commercials, in August Protean (rendering), Nicholas Tse and Edison (Edison) music-oriented focus of attack, and three-wave music, the most influx three opera stars and play crossover Opera. Jolin, ASUS Dance Girl, Kiss India, hearts, as well as Cool Graphic Design with gold sexy clothing plus Bob wig short of rendering, dynamic, vibrant Dance music scene. Edison remain unchanged, continuing Hip-hop, to fashion, to the rebels. Feilinjia movie cameras directors approved increase, of course, is talent and charisma in one of Mr. Cool (Louis Koo), the. "Dad -" Sexy still unruly rave guitar, thunder and lightning to Rock & Roll, shooting at everyone laughs together so that the size of Sexy Rock & Roll it.

Crossover Engage in play for the new crossover

The story is the day before the shooting or the role of an ordinary young man, the director only at the last minute with opera Opera, one can not think advertisers have agreed, and all amendments to the original shooting, in a night everyone within music and filming re-prepare, cover the scene in a late change within Guangdong drama Theater, and three stars shooting night, though only know that reform and the Opera right play, but unanimously believe that this opera crossover concept will make the entire advertising completely different song.

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