Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Siamese loose" trailers snags

Photo : Thailand Possessed "twin souls," many twists and turns of publicity

Thailand Possessed "Siamese restaurants" will be shown next Thursday, but planned series of publicity. Earlier, TELA review "Company" trailers that twinsRIYADH picture film, X-ray film and sound effects will make public unrest, it rated as "IIA" class, not in a cinema hall and the local public television broadcast. Although film companies have agreed to mute trailers, but TELA has insisted that it should be deleted before the majority of pictures as "I" class.

TELA double standard?

Given the film's decision and the film company was considering the purchase of the home page of the site to search for advertising space APIs, but the truth is that the search site has its own set of review system, that the film on the home page shows, people of all ages have the opportunity to see that the fear of anxiety, some have urged the company to cut the film some scenes . But the search for the film Home website has broadcast the "Company" Another more terrorist unit in the trailer, the trailer was TELA rated as "IIB" class would have a double standard. As for the MTRC Needless to say, this "Company" film posters can be repeated changes in the station put up.

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