Friday, August 03, 2007

Min Zhang Shiming : You asked -- Qiusheng

Map : Asked scandal, ZHANG Si very calm, obviously well prepared

Anthony Wong has always Damas, before the 24-year-old model and Zhang Shi Min (Jessie) - scandal. Recent reports Qiusheng and his wife will divorce. Last night, Jessie and his friends - attended film "fuse" of the party, he was immediately identified and interview her.

Jessie generous performance throughout the station so that journalists take photographs. For summoned because of her intervention, Anthony Wong and his wife divorced, will only Jessie said with a laugh : "to know it, you asked -- Qiusheng, Drainage the point, I would point speaking, I do not say convenience. "She asked whether the folder with Qiusheng statements. She denied that only knowing how the other side will say. She asked not afraid to destroy others happy family? Jessie still does not know, a reporter asked Qiusheng well.

Before she had stolen videotapes of the visiting Qiusheng closely with the intimate photographs, Jessie play amnesia forgotten. He even said that this is only a friend dragged hand. The reporters as she took the initiative to drag Qiusheng, she said they did not know. She said : "You can write we get. "As for the relationship with Qiusheng, she told reporter asked Qiusheng, and Qiu said only a few years ago by a friend introduced. She, too, said this scandal, which has also affected her modeling image.

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