Friday, August 03, 2007

"Rave" reform Jade was at the Japanese boring

Map : collaborating closely in the Japanese first-hand

Last night Andy Hui, Agency (Jade) and the lateral field debut, "Hit Music" program, and were taught Fans sing, dance and Japanese. Twenty minutes which teaches dance, but a foot injury, it is not squat and demonstration of any action. Twenty minutes that night also worn jeans friend William So all of origin, worth 5,000 yuan, as he likes, it does not hesitate to 10,000 yuan a leather jacket with Kangzai for replacement.

Twenty minutes Yi drunk

Twenty minutes before with the former manager of high Cork (Parco) in Wan Chai, were interviewed by twenty minutes and swigs liquor but usually the Parco has lifted a rare sober and leave, paparazzi have taken twenty minutes from her boyfriend to help her people, and also alleged secret negotiations with the Parco plans. Twenty minutes asked whether they had great plans secret negotiations. He categorically denied : "No! I told East Asia, there are more than a two-year contract, this is our gathering as a friend, not get to go, However, I lifted last straw easy, but they will not behave nonsense. (Whether to drink Grossology?) Joyce is the appearance of 1.10! Fortunately, I was helping men. "

Students leave

As Jade programs in the Japanese Fans that she would fight from the start in Learning School, it absolutely normal exchange to cope with it, the more fluent they need to make Japanese boyfriend. She has recently introduced a very good sales record, falls before her birthday, she then advertised a happy birthday wish her the best and I wish her vows to sell large, she had earlier been Concerns were attracted to the college love that feeling. In addition, the "hit" after the alleged contents of the reform frivolous, and do not agree with Jade, students said the summer will see more of television, it taught singing, dancing and the Japanese are OK.

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