Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yoyo bite plate of rice to give up food "noodles"

Map : Yoyo not willing Fresh face, her face too much of Iraq

Mengjiahui (YoYo), Li Yi Lang (Don) and Stephanie Chea yesterday to attend as guests to Taiwan, the activities always love badminton YoYo, the more you play impromptu badminton, but host Jerry Lamb (A Lo), has used her opportunity and Ekin Cheng's "masked Passion" to engage in joking atmosphere .

Play does not mind being

A Lo seen holding a racket : "holding a racket like monsters, like China hero." YoYo that Benedict to his rackets. A Lo act recklessly also asked : "YoYo do not know what to eat like face?" Stephanie Chea is rushing to answer a smile : "Iraqi face!" YoYo is : "I like to eat, tried over a plate of rice to eat." YoYo is the scene said only know to play badminton, presided over people love to her to make jokes, she generous smiled : "forget it! I do not mind. In fact, I usually only used to campaign, playing badminton is not smart, not correct posture, are worried that the wrong audience. "

Meanwhile, the day before yesterday in Hong Kong with typhoon signal No. 8, Don A two outside feng shui trees felled by, he said that two feng shui tree is the father bought for him, Lucky, but now they have lost them.

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