Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sis aggrieved sense of helplessness and her brother Love

Map : sis Rave Party, briskly also heard songs to dance

Chang Hui-mei Taiwan recently, "I love black acrid" propaganda, Love and her brother was recently disturbed younger sister in the program to be friends and presided over black support for a more open media directed at younger sister clarify her 7-6 grade basketball the kids love, it is purely fictitious. Sis told Chen helpless state, said about her not to eat, to avoid blame "trouble."


Sis is the level of basketball idols, blacks and younger sister Carlos Lage, on the invitation of sis-concept to the golf course to cheer the players, and after that he had to find younger sister and attended a luncheon with the players, did not expect the media reported it as being her brother and players love, sis helpless, frustrated to once said with blacks : "Sorry! for your trouble, next time I find another lunch. "Let Chen states frighten very weak, solemnly in the program for the younger sister clarified : scandal is not a matter that sis put the scandal trouble, put the blame upon himself, to let them feel very bad meaning, was very distressed.

Sis inadvertently slipping back again reminds us singing contest had been subjected to poison tongue comment on the spell, until now, as long as she heard a "Flowers of Shanghai" will be weak. Originally, when she participated in five lights Award five times in four customs critical juncture, the concert competition song "Flowers of Shanghai", inadvertently missed, not only lost the game, but also to hear the assessment of drug tongue mercilessly comment, then really injured.

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