Sunday, August 12, 2007

Xue enjoys shoring famous "Lu hemisphere"

Map : SIT enjoys sexy dress in focus

Gucci brand-name fashion last night at the autumn fashion shows, in addition to the city to attend the renowned artist who spoke, including Carina Lau, Aaron Kwok, Miriam Yeung, min, the veteran, Chen Hao, Yeh and his wife Ann and I and daughter, there are many beauties who enjoys Xue, 10,000 babies attended, the brand supermodel free music-abuse, craftsmanship and Yao Yi firms such as modeling show. And he broke sexy SIT is benefiting, as award-caused "Lu hemisphere" effect, though As for Travolta wearing dense, but just the scene that his agitation.

There have been no recovery

Won for their sexy, said Xue enjoys its ultra-Rings is sponsored by the General Assembly, asking her to be a dating. She laughs : "No, (if it will be pathetic introduced to the ex-husband (100850-) understanding?) And then encountered! "Referring to the recent magazines have taken 100850-girlfriend Winnie Xue enjoys with the street children, she said their generosity will not jealous, and said :" The newspaper Road she wrote as the surrogate mother as saying that this is very unfair to her, she was so young, if I have a boyfriend said he is father? This is a great burden, or call her sister to do a bit better, and always tin children is a good thing. "

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