Thursday, September 20, 2007

1000 Hua professional basketball, only five sushi

Photo: Miss Miriam Yeung 1000 to the first folder dolls, happy.

Miriam Yeung will be held October 12 to 16, five-day "all about LOVE Miriam 2007 concert", in order to allow the audience a freshness, 1000 Hua made a special trip to Japan to accept hell-Renowned fitness professional basketball.

Fitness exercises

1000 Hua be arranged with the Japanese dance studio's chief portfolio Khan, Hua they will be scheduled for 1000 new fast song, "not to be identified not recognizing identification" moves. 1000 Hua loud: "To me, dance is a new attempt. Also a bit worried at first, but under the guidance of their intentions, I finally return of 10%! Ha Ha! "Apart from the 1000 Miss Miriam Yeung, dance courses, also spent two hours daily positive fitness exercises. Drink skimmed milk every day, the morning after breakfast when the campaign began, according to the daily physical fitness designed menu consumption. She said: "The campaign after noon done only five fresh sushi in the evening do not eat starch, can only eat a small amount of seafood, with the weight of only half almost steamed crabs, the entire menu can not have oil or salt sugar, I have never tried this, because the last concert, poor health, hope this can be the exercise, to the best posture see the audience, but also challenges to their willpower, to the many Japanese cuisine, I have no eating! "

In addition, the original 1000 Hua has never been tried in Japan street folder dolls, this is also the first play of the toy folder, a folder to start a Cubs dolls, she excited.

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