Thursday, September 20, 2007

Guanyonghe: Jiahui beat depression

Banner: Guanyonghe family spent in the Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, the situation wireless drama "three colleagues -" Guanyonghe including one actor, singer Yan, Adam, Tang Ying-Ying Chen Yao and self-repair, especially yesterday held a "people - Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival" campaign ahead of the Mid-Autumn Ying, during the public actor and packet processing than cakes, Roberts Yan concocted to show their delicious cakes, even try to eat on the spot, but a few have been chewing could not post beside backdrops to spit.

Fortunately, early treatment

Guanyonghe How will celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. She said the day would eat dinner with their families, and then take their daughters to attend school at the party. For her husband blew himself up earlier pleaded with depression, asked about the present situation, she said: "The doctors said that his good minor, now has nothing to the (families need to cope with what?) No, because he is good-sensitive, have found some inappropriate to see a doctor immediately, with conditions minor good situation, so nothing has quickly (during his illness you could argue?) Although he had a temper, but I also busy, it is not time to quarrel, but now he will read more to help vent their emotions, no longer dead. "As for whether the Jiahui stall ATV. She clearance of the sale: "I asked you this! (Would you like a stall?) I signed with the wireless about three years. "

Yan Yan eating moon cakes

In addition, singer Yan for their eating moon cakes, she explained solely for the code, but she is really like moon cakes, or even back to school before eating, so secondary screening, but for health, she choose healthy eating moon cakes. As for this Mid-Autumn Festival, she will also celebrate with their parents to eat because her two eyes always the most important, if time and hope to a group of friends playing beach lanterns. Turning "and" broadcast drama been hovering in the 27, 890 ratings, performance is not too conspicuous, she said that for many people the time has not yet work, but according to her own opinion polls, the audience actually quite good reputation, so the company also set to increase the number of cuts to switch to high-definition so far.

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