Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Diana Pang face swollen nose high denied done facelift

Photo: Diana Pang last night to attend the "2207 Chinese Film", a bit like not natural

"China Film 2007" opened last night at the Cultural Center in Tsim Sha Tsui, the film "five bullets ..." selected as the opening film. Many guests were present at the opening ceremony, including State Administration of Radio, Film and TV veteran film DS, deputy director of the Hong Kong Basic Law Committee, Ms Elsie Leung, Timothy Fok, Diana Pang, Dillon, Liang Cheng, Kaoru Minnie, Lin, Loran and 12 fresh candidates and Asian sister.

Served cold medicine

Dandan and "five bullets ..." Xiao Feng, the director of its familiar, last night also made a special trip to join. Reporters can see, in the long appearance of Dandan, obviously somewhat different face, nose and seems high, but his face is swollen. Dandan reporters after the call confirmation, sound very tired of Dandan also denied, she said: "How could I have always been good nose high." She has been in films before that, if a facelift to, and even what show. That may be because her suffering from a cold, taking a cold medicine, before attending the premiere, on the drip in the hospital, just sleep with only facial swelling. Asked about her alleged facelift mind. Dandan that is not the issue, she adds well funny. She added that she would not mind with all the old photos to control, she feels after facelift if not Liang, the whole do?

In the premiere night, Dandan said earlier filming TV drama "life Agni", and Yapeng cooperation. They have asked Chuan scandal. Dandan said with a smile not, they may well prolong the past, and are less male-sex scandal, the Hong Kong paparazzi video also fail. She does not deny the male artist, she seldom the echocardiography. Because she grew up in the United States since the less we different culture. But she also brings itself to resist foreigners, and the Chinese people will be the dating. Dandan and that their big men also face like men because men are usually tin girl love, not Piancaipianse.

Liang Cheng to restructuring

Liang Cheng dressed the scene last night, she said that over the past my playing women also like to try different roles. But they do not have the courage "Lu." Like her earlier three-point shooting slimming company swimsuit photo, in fact, is her limit. Of course, she will continue to resist a woman, as long as there is no problem to play with her experience to beat the show from time to time to offer advice - that. Self asked her to do - that. She said with a smile is not their ability to scramble, plus do not know. But in the past Hong Kong had many successful examples, such as peace can break into Hollywood Yuan, a month before the normal Hollywood to design good moves, they soon to be completed, marks grab their jobs.

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