Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1000 Hua see 10 card larceny luminous eyes

Banner: 1000 Hua wearing jewelry worth over 10 million both tense and excited

Miriam yesterday to a bare sexy dress, a jewelry company at the opening ceremony, Wang Yuan Yuan and supermodel Amanda.S spot on the new interpretation of diamond ornaments.

The opening ceremony of a special arrangement for an embodiment of the cool billboards tend to accompany Miss Miriam Yeung played 1000, and then to go down on their knees with a 1000 Hua marry him and presented a value of 6 million yuan in 10 card larceny. 1000 Hua see the luxury of larceny, luminous eyes could not help. Apart from the 10 card ring, the 1000 Miss Miriam Yeung also wear more than 40 cards diamond necklace and earrings six cards, jewelry worth over 10 million package. 1000 Hua said with a smile wearing diamond ornaments worth over 10 million applicants, she was nervous, even tense mood than marriage. While the special value of 70,000 yuan into pendants gratitude for the 1000 Miss Miriam Yeung.

1000 Hua said, do not like other people send diamonds, home inventory are bought her own, has not yet been to save 10 cards diamonds, will save threatened. About 10 cards to her rings, 1,000 card Hua think 10 is too exaggerated, in the face of cool billboards marry him, she had not been "down," because 10 card ring has attracted too, but she was Annette "electric down." She had been asked to go down on their knees marry him moving billboards. 1000 Hua said no, because the show is done, known to be false, there will be no feeling.

Men had sent drilling Table

So the past has been proposed to send men to ring her. 1000 Hua said, someone has said to send, but ultimately did not send. Although no men sent to ring, but have received heterosexual sent to the diamond table for the other side to understand her character more tan head, like diamonds table. Miss Miriam Yeung asked 1,000 men have with the development of this. She said no, while the other side is thinking, but not for the other side she is no development. 1000 Hua scenarios that life is like visitors. She asked bosses have been sent to the diamonds. She said, no. Lin Yue that there has been sent to the diamond earrings Shu Qi, this 1000 Hua said they did not know, she passed a number of firms, from the diamond sent to her boss, she felt that checks sent more practical.

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