Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Alexandra Cuicui of sexy insane than to tape

Banner: Ye Cuicui and the sexy singer, each of the United States

Third Shasha women, silver bags will be on October 14 at Sha Tin Race Course, held a news briefing yesterday, especially when Meyer hired two champion Bailey and Mr Cuicui, sexy dress costume blinking diamond ornaments appearance, the former bare the latter up, each selling point, regardless of the outcome. After two more photographs and dwarf horse, but the horse may not be used to dwarf the flash and angry, it will soon be towed away.

Bare ladies

Alexandra was wearing a black-large bare stark, as a hole behind, in clothing full of loose adhesive tape to prevent sneaked away, she laughs: "The General Assembly prepared to nearly 7 million diamond ornaments for me to wear, so I immediately read the plot Hairpin" Pygmalion "stealing from the school dress division, but also its first for ladies dressed up, but seems less of the one umbrella. "Alexandra of Yunnan will be taken to the" Youth Sidaimingbu ", and will stay three weeks, was unable to attend the event next month on the 14th, of Alexandra Road:" This is the first time I go out to movies, and also with Lin Feng, snowy mountains, so there some fear that they are not suited to, (Lin Feng often hurt themselves, you may turn to take care of him?) yes! cooperation with him two months ago, he has often hurt themselves, but young (Lin Feng) in the Mainland to the aides, should not worry for him, (you will ask the assistant? ) I had no money! But they have to keep fit, local food is fatty, or with Selena Li to discuss in a folder to cooking, you do not need to eat a fatty food. "

Up gown

Yesterday Mr Cuicui costume gown up to about six million diamond ornaments, in addition to chest insane strong adhesive tape, or even rings are loose adhesive tape to avoid or stolen. Cuicui candor has never sent men to her diamonds, but diamonds always attract the best friend, so it was given to her desire. Furthermore Cuicui year of riding has now can run, so to see pygmy Ma yesterday praised it is lovely. Asked why she will learn horseback. She said half interest in half for 08 equestrian will be held in Hong Kong, that can then do the recommended himself. In addition, yesterday's press release reads, "Ye Cuicui again idol singer cooperation with Taiwan," when asked Cuicui closure of Alexandra idols do. She hesitated only a slightly: "I appreciate her dance Lak and sweet." As for the loss of Alexandra, reading the paragraphs press release that: "I did not write the script."

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