Tuesday, September 11, 2007

94 Beauty Wan, Halina this is being framed

Map: small ears Aberdeen Central twisting her husband, the husband is sweet heart

Today is 94 champion Tan Xiaolin Beauty Central is being framed, she will marry a "Beauty killer" of the title-insurance industry talent Qiang Cai, a Caijiachuan from UNIFEM. Small ring this morning Intercontinental Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui will smile, and invited Taoyingying, such as Hong sister at night in the hotel banquet hosted by relatives pendulum.

Bridal wear excitement

A couple of wedding companies earlier "Beautiful Beauty" shoot sponsored Wedding Photography, as previous films have been through many wedding dresses, even the small part that will really open bridal no sense, but the facts and otherwise, the original 800,000 for the sweetheart Pieth, mood is still very exciting. Although the photo the day temperature was as high as 31 and 32 degrees, but they are still afraid of Drinking Water to reveal high temperature shooting. Small Ring Road: "Those rugged road and littered with branches, my back and legs were also bruised, her husband also losses, but to see the effect of photographs, I feel all the hard work is worth it." One of these two steps together to the sea, the blue water background white wedding dresses, very romantic small ring on scene could not help but chuckle recalled: "The original did not intend to downed, but then found that the water was not too bad, but Eric (Qiang Cai Rong) did not bring shorts, After immediately after the shorts to buy replacement." As for today will be wearing small ring and the wedding dress safeguard measure appeared wedding, Liang to the side to show people.

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