Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hole movie shoot affectionate husband does not mind

Banner: hole 100% trust for her husband

Although the hole in "Exodus" and there was a fierce rally affectionately show, but last night at the premiere of her husband is still with a fun scene, and clarify the market is not too intense drama are all very reasonable occur naturally. Even the "vacuum" wearing vests performances, she will not mind that her husband always compared to foreign films is a pediatrician, foreign film shoot such scenes will not even wear vests, as long as she had not revealed to be acceptable.

Chuan films have too many characters and scenes made by the Mainland banned love, she considered solely on the subject of organized murder, she was also the dumping of this show that killing is very ridiculous, but think of many foreign film story is absurd, as long as the feeling to have sold enough Moreover own happy with the killings organizations not much, but two couples emotional problems by a third party to step in, although she will not do a third party, but acknowledged that feelings are blind, it is true some of the contents.

Her husband did not fully trust derailment

Earlier reports also derailed her husband with other women around her husband 100% trust said: "It is senseless to shoot photos completely out nothing happened, I have male friends, he would have female friends, I would watch a movie with heterosexual friends to eat, unless it is photographed trailer hands or kissing, Hong video is in need of such writers. "She admitted her husband is understanding each other old colleagues, but to explain too much, and feel the need to protect her husband, said:" He is not artists, he is only human, not with him, he does not want the harassment, in short, I support him 100% trust him! "

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