Sunday, September 23, 2007

After the drama of the struggle boyfriend scared sized DMC

Photo: Lin Feng, A SHE, Song Ge and the church are fond of playing lanterns

"Fengyun years," an actor's public-Olympian City to attend the "Mid-Autumn 10,000 gathered happily welcome" to attend a boyfriend actor, Mr Schroder, Liang Jing Qi, Kenneth, Lin Feng, Xi and other dishes. At each spot more division games, guess lantern riddles, and it can signify a hell of fruit set.

Mr Schroder said the Mid-Autumn Festival is also unknown whether to work through, she is not asked to be on two people reunited. Schroder said with a smile to the most drama started. Recently, the magazine published a female artistes income list, which also list Hu church. This year, she is asked to harvest. She laughs: "OK's."

Secretary chess sister is pressure field

Boyfriend disclosed recently that drama "Iron Tsui mind" will become a Taiwan-drama, so this year she will have two opera-heroine for the Taiwan Award, and the other is a "time situation." She won her last A prize, she would quickly find a year, this year she will have confidence. The biggest opponent, she feels is the DMC Secretary Li Qi Guan Ju and small deeds, because recovery can be held very, very Secretary chess Aunt pressure field, I hope that we can cooperate with each other.

Songge reminiscing about the monuments

In addition, the recent King Yin Lane monuments were demolished aroused controversy, "Jinghuachunmeng" said show director Bojiade in there shooting theme song, and "Beijing" opera actor Damian understand that the news is good emotion. Such a local demolition waste is good, unfortunately. He feels that the government is always late, and now has immediate concern, it is useful to stop the demolition, but unfortunately some have been destroyed, he saw television images to hear. Though Wang also expressed excitement on the matter, he will do what the sisters together. Songge a laugh: "How can ah? Should limits go down on their knees, if I go down on their knees to be. "He will be back to reminiscing about the old. He said that the monument has been removed is a very mixed feelings.

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