Sunday, September 23, 2007

Zhang Ziyi big surprise appeared to Ang Lee

Photo: Zhang Ziyi event, Ang Lee, Tang Wei and flu surprises

Earlier at the Venice Film Festival Best Picture winner "color ring", held in Hong Kong last night at the charity premiere, the director Ang Lee, plays protagonist Tang Wei,王力宏with sponsorship by Salvatore Ferragamo, dressed in meetings, but who are in Beijing movie actor, was no. And in the evening to join the circle friends: Chow Yun-fat and his wife, Zhang Ziyi, Johnny, Pandey China, Lim Por wife, virtual Hamplang bustling scene. The Colombian is especially the emergence of her, the media swarmed approached 100 of competing video, once aroused confusion. The emergence of Zhang Ziyi, Lee brought a pleasant surprise.

Tang Wei Liang was not like the commentary

Director Ang Lee said, "color ring" is the context of the 1930s, especially before his home visit to China Pandey, Pandey, the only soup singing, praised Pandey singing very old Chinese flavor and Charm in Shanghai, Tang many CD-progress. TAO Jie criticized Tang Liang is not the only way, she is more unjust is in line with the role of the film, which director Ang Lee, Zhang Ailing's novels, this is not beautiful heroine, the film was the subject on cosmetics, as long as a classical temperament can taste, big eyes is not necessarily beautiful.

Tang Wei evening wear big green tops, costume jewelry 3 million, including film actor sent her a ring. Not up to be criticized, Tang Wei said with a smile, there will be progress in the next, say the force is doing. About her film shoot a movie in bed, he found no shaving hair, she explained with the story of the directors do not have to shave her, asked her hair in a long time, Tang Wei embarrassed to say that is normal to stay. Another asked to Taiwan, ending the painting men subtitles actress replacement name, said Tang Wei, in fact, are playing lights when they have buried in replacement.

The blaze Kosin not chicken

The Colombian evening at the invitation of director Ang Lee, and the video of her before, he said frankly am looking forward to cooperation with Ang Lee, a Columbia coincidence that depends on the opportunity, said with a smile and told everyone slowly. Asked whether the Colombian most want to see exposed blaze drama. He acknowledged that all want to see, will be asked whether he is not on residence. Colombia is believed that the blaze themselves, not chicken residence. Asked whether the Colombian dare shoot them as bare as blaze drama. He refers to his past Pai "Huacheng" are exposed, if the script needs to ask Mrs Chow, her hair is not that the so-called, what actor should do that test. The Colombian also think it depends on who the director, Ang Lee is even to consider.

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