Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mr Alex Fong first opened Sao insisted Dew Point

Map: small, as if the Slovak sister, affectionately good

"Mr Alex Fong concert clips Live" last night in Kowloon Bay Trade and Exhibition Center, this is a small first personal concert. To this concert, especially with the small side before Dudezhi of fitness and dance. However, he is very stingy their bodies, last night insisted lift his shirt to fans of the fitness results.

Last night, many of the small circle of friends, but also support the scene. While Andy Hui, Wu and Yu Fei's more of the guest performers. And Ronald, and small Wu's father, brother also support the scene. In a small platform on labels, that life-and the first star is pictured with the labels.

Stephy is deducted

Even small side last night close rival and drum dance together ratification, as ratification of a tin him, with very affectionate. Instead, a small affair with his girlfriend Stephy singing, they deliberately keep their distance, they only clapped their hands in applause after singing it, not the same as to a ratification affectionately embrace. Stephy said after the small direction is also when the Slovak sister, but only when she is older sister, said she often old. With her sexy dress last night, to hug, the other side did not know that part of the moon. In fact, she most like to see in addition to a small shirt, but the other side is not the exception. But she will be nine to the very small, because the deduction is a very small addition, no shirt. For last night performed very well satisfied with the small side, but only to its own 7 is that there are progressive space.

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