Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fiona Ting ancestors were brought replacement premiere

Banner: Progenitor (left), no time to eat Jiang and Zhou Yun

The film, "The Sun Also Rises" at the charity premiere last night at the premiere of the contemporary cultural and creative fund-raising Education Fund. Actor awards in the drama, Jiang Wen, Zhou Yun and his wife have attended. Other guests were Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr Tsang Tak-sing, chat, Raymond Chow and his wife, Qi Shan, Eason Chan, Li Jie Chen, the Datong, but the progenitor of the scandal has not been in remand girlfriend.

To do so on behalf of Datong

Popular progenitor of that song were recorded in Taiwan, sent representatives to the Datong. Asked about his disappointment. That is not the progenitor of that Fiona will sooner or later see this movie, not look at the premiere. Like the original Mummy neighbors also want to see the film, but too many people afraid of the opening ceremony, he will later look at the cinema. Most sad fact he is a good friend psychologist failed to join in tomorrow for the other side to come to Hong Kong.

Ancestors of the opera performed in the nude, he together with other viewers, is also afraid of embarrassment Fortunately, the film is art film, a commercial film will be replaced embarrassment. However, he also worried that viewers accustomed to the Hong Kong-style film and film culture of the West, fear of such arts movies, the general audience will see not understand. He expressed the hope that we can open the hearts of simple not want to see too many. Turning Jackie Chan before he will put into practice won the award in the Venice Film Festival, the progenitor of candor to be red carpet has been very happy with my father is the responsibility of downtown Aberdeen, his father has always been good due diligence. Turning to the Datong ancestors were exposed in the movie scenes Unit, he was referring to ancestors who should feel awesome, and he tried to more, not follow.

Zhou Yun much concerned about the love child

Zhou Yun said that because the body of work has been three to four days did not see his son. Originally promised their ancestors before the two couples will ask meals, but because of too busy, ancestors were not fulfill its commitments. Zhou Yun also think that the so-called no, she themselves often to Hong Kong, this will also bought a gift for their son. She said with a smile prior to Venice, they bought a lot, but he rarely buy brands, as children grow up very quickly.

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