Monday, September 24, 2007

Andy Lau denied that the Chinese characters of Jet Li

Banner: Tsai Li praised China for the number one knight

Although the famous Jet Li beneficial, but recently it has been reported that he originally from urine to practice, in fact, is an illiterate. Filming "of the vote", Andy Lau everyday words of the other 45 minutes. The boy, who is in a concert tour, he saw the news, initially thought it was propaganda, I believe we will not take it seriously; But no one imagined we would continue to pursue, he said that this is a big misunderstanding.

White asked the other pronunciation Nian

If big brother Li Wah scenes are illiterate, he also has some are illiterate. He noted that in a studio, we will keep each other lines of dialogue, but not really when Lee tried brother teachers, not to mention the day the word 45 minutes! But he said that people often ask the Mandarin pronunciation of the people he only Lee tried brother would teach him pronunciation.

Tsai said that "the vote of" some classical Chinese dialogue, and sometimes they carry less than dialogue, Chan then they laugh like illiteracy, but also just joking. Boy that Jet Li is China's "number one knight", abundant knowledge, went out anything, but, fluent in English, more often read many profound Buddhist book, simply can not be illiterate. Li brother is a child may have to Xuewu to have the chance to read many books, but his self-education.

Wenzhou Fortunately breast completed during typhoons

The boy, who is in Changchun, but due to the typhoon, heavy rains. Boy in 21 at the Tour breast Wenzhou, almost canceled because of the typhoon to, but fortunately performances before the rain stopped. The boy is then separated decades Wenzhou performances, has been in the midst of typhoon began, the staff refers to their hotel location in the eye, that they leave the hotel, who refused to leave the fate of all must be signed. As many of the concert staff must adhere concert with the equipment and baggage, there is no one who left boy is very touching.

Fortunately, the last big rain, the concert will also be held smoothly, he said frankly really grateful to God. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the boy will have to leave the holiday with their families, will stay in Hong Kong celebrating his birthday.

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