Monday, September 24, 2007

"Color, sapped" premiere audience shaken

Figure: Tang Wei praised the skills of hearts full of joy

The international reputation of the film "color ring" at the opening ceremony last night, last night, many artists to join in order to avoid the premiere was bootlegging, every admission to the audience away cell phones and cameras can be admitted. End market rose after the audience clapped their hands are cheering for Ang Lee, Chow Yun-Fat and Zhang Ziyi have to congratulate Lee, Zi-yi and Lee also tried to embrace, in the face of Tang Wei, a thumbs-up appreciation.

Ang Lee moved to applause from the audience

Last night at the "color, sapped" premiere at the ceremony were many, including Chow Yun-fat and his wife, Zhang Ziyi, Ho Chao-qiong, Chi, Gan Liang, Yuan peace, Le Yi-ling, and Bell. Ang Lee, Tang Wei and王力宏shortly after admission, arrived Queensway AMC theaters and the movie Field of special staff meeting back in the ring again after the cinema, the film End Field kept the audience clapped their hands up after two or three minutes, Zhang Ziyi immediately embraced Ang Lee. Another thumbs up Zan Tang Wei. The Colombian also praised Lee approached very successful. Lee moved by the performance, a little more focus enough. Pandey, has only praise Tang fun with the standard. The applause from the audience to accept the presence of only soup and see the audience so loved the movie are very happy.

99.9 points on the Columbia

Chow Yun-Fat and Zhang Ziyi couples to congratulate Lee after the left. During more than 20 journalists had rushed out of the road, used to see the scenes of the Columbia McLaughlin also could not help but smile, his fragile wife on the train, then interviewed by this reporter. Columbia praised the film well, my men are good actress, the director certainly sharp, he points to 99.9. He also claimed that plays CD-residence with the soup opera affectionate good shock, but asked whether the blaze that phase, he thinks that there is no. He said the blaze is very real net actor, he plays a bed residence that is not a surprise, but the other side is in the hearts of opera.

Chi also praised the film is very shocking, shooting tactics to attract. The film plays on the bed, he also surprised and shocked not so sharp. He is the opposite-Qiong show that the bed is to bring out inner feelings, she felt special, of course, everybody will see after different reaction, but she is not special.

Was surprised about Zan

Yuan peace that the film production seriously, every show is brilliant, he will give 100 points. Bell said that the CD-Tang performances have great surprise, he usually less of theatrical films, this movie despite two and a half hours, but still surprised to see him, Ka Lok residence on the bed that is bold drama, art and pornography is the line between directors can manage that do not beyond this sector, and to benefits.

Gan Liang, plays every play all his unforgettable, he will give 110 points. He originally initial soup only bias, but have seen the movie, and that the other side can manage to reverse the roles. The blaze drama on the bed, he feels that the other side should beat these early plays, a lot of foreign films, too, do not have to mind.

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