Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Parker told reporters another big play

The recent Organization for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). He filming a series of nude advertising, promotion of the vegetarian Maggie Q, held in Hong Kong yesterday to attend the conference. Maggie Q may have consciously into the Hollywood market, in a press conference with the ostentation and extravagance also very unassuming superstar. Apart from half an hour late, but also not to accept the Hong Kong media interviews left when reporters do not have to refer to as a typhoon.

Maggie Q scheduled to attend the 14:00 news, the final half-hour late, it ran a Shi Shi. However, this is strange is to ask the General Assembly to Maggie Q prior to the opening shots of posters, but the staff was first unveiled hand hurry. Yesterday whole Maggie Q reporters do not accept that only Masters and asked, the entire conference will end in the 15th minute. What is unexpected is the most Maggie Q in left, English said yesterday that the media play wind, actually we do not need, but I would like to thank all the interview.

Shoot vegetarian propaganda posters

Maggie Q for the PETA took the two posters, one of the Maggie Q lying in a red pepper, and hot pepper hands to cover the important parts, the other with vegetables wear smaller than Kennedy, the two are very sexy. Maggie Q refers to an extreme this is the way everyone right from vegetarian ideas. However, Maggie Q has said that the shoot posters and good shock horror, usually because their good conservative, rarely have such experience, so when shooting or excited, especially the beat, red pepper, I feel good all systemic "xing", the shooting of lettuce, vegetables will be afraid or down.

Maggie Q in the original seven, eight years ago, vegetarian, saw the Assembly sent leaflets, forged cooperation opportunity. She feels compassion is very important, because the animals do not speak to their situation, and they want to tell her feelings, she feels his decision vegetarian is a major life decision.

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