Sunday, September 30, 2007

The articles presented flywheel players Stars fans

Flywheel-Taiwan sentiment combination of "Dream Poly flywheel-concert" show last night at nine, four of the evening except singing, playing games with the fans close contact, more players will donate items fans, Stars make a move, a review excited fans, the atmosphere of fanaticism night, ignoring safety during fans even at the bench to see an idol, Miss rushed out of respect for the other side to sit down immediately advised to comply with the order. Evening performances guests Tank and Lin Yu-chia.

Wu Zun sing love songs

Music at the flywheel of singing eight songs, for a total of three pullovers, quoted the foot Arron Yan, also insist night stand performances, not dance. Apart from singing, the flywheel of the four items on their own will be given to fans, Dadong will bring into the hands of the hands of female fans, and personally hand with Dai in each other's neck, ever careful. Later, they selected a particular female fans lucky, they accompanied. Wu also respect each other passionately singing love songs, and Arron Yan then stroked each other's chin, the female fans excited.

Arron Yan Abdullah

Another aspect of the game, the East female fans as appropriate water, Arron Yan to the female fans, said: "I feed you!" Then with the other side of it: ENGLISH TAC Cup, all fans screamed, Wu Zun gloves sent to the fans, while Arron Yan and Calvin Chen bracelet were sent to the fans. After four sub-chorus, on the Dadong 461-2324 tied in stool, three members rushed out immediately for Dadong had the very Mattel. Foot quoted Arron Yan in the fast songs to sing, just sitting, dancing to the work of the other three members, Arron Yan platform publicly thank the three partners to help, because he injured, and wants to re-Renowned.

Best side

Four Masters of the stage to accept the visit, they prefer asked what type of girls. Wu Zun that first contact for a period of time, not to know that feeling, MC asked the singer if they fail to do it, the most wanted. Arron Yan mouth is sweet to the tongue slip that most people want to do the boyfriend, but many people at the scene, I believe, to 365 hours a year in order to meet sooner or later to everyone. Finally, "Angola", Calvin Chen admitted to the performances, though they are all busy, but time will be nightly karaoke together, we hope to see their best side.

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