Sunday, September 30, 2007

Michael Galloping tears title miracle

[Zhangsaijing Changsha on the 29th - from Hunan Satellite TV, and the Hong Kong TVB's All-Star Joint create a live dance show "Galloping miracle" was concluded last night, TVB artistes and Michael Tang Xiao-female "paradise portfolio" to defeat near-perfect interpretation of the other three pairs combination, named dance Fixed title, editor of a few tears at the scene, said candidly that difficult to win.

An opening game, four pairs of star portfolio will have played each pressure box skills, Ng Ka Lok an end to the jokes peacetime style, "a famous dance" music and jazz drum companions Casey. Michael is "warm desert" for the music, and Tang Xiao tacit understanding with smooth movement; Zhang Jie and faster male partner and administrator with a small table in the "negotiating table dance" to the judges affirmed to average 9.67 points leading the first round. In the second round of the interactive game, Tang Xiao, Michael portfolio with a perfect fighter Dance conquest game, and full marks, the jury is one of the firefighters "the most powerful and most rhythm, the best" highly praised Zhang Jie, Bishop portfolio cowboy dance show extraordinary, two down, a combination of two favorites.

Spot tears

Third round choice than dance and Tang Xiao, Michael portfolio to a jubilant Baleijia jazz "dance my life," perfect curtain call was all out to 0.1 advantage over four Zhang Jie, Marion "angel portfolio," Wang won dance after dance title, which the editor sweat the scene is more tears, admitted the competition has been under immense pressure, this moment can finally relaxed. In subsequent held inside, Michael again marched to the scene, and my gratitude for all staff, said after the win in the first time this family has to share the joy.

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