Sunday, September 30, 2007

Exports appear to bear fans back home

Taiwan exports idol combination of the passage of Cyclone appear, wherever they are packed with fans. Exports appear gathering of fans attending yesterday's activities after four days working visit will end the evening to return to Taiwan. They notice in November to back again. At yesterday's gathering of fans, hospitality 160 Admission for the banquet and fans of the six games, including four members of the same birthday in September and October, the General Assembly prepared a birthday cake for their celebration, the crowd fans sent birthday song offered to idols.

"Exercise is you"

Playing games, the A and William Wei Chuan glass was replenished with fans playing the game, they are used to-mouth glass was replenished with fans indirectly have intimate contact. The end of the Hong Kong trip, taxes not willing to appear a little candor, Ao said with a smile dogs will be the best fans back to Taiwan. Next will come to Hong Kong to engage in concert. They claimed to be arranged and that can be opened in Sao wearing. The school is in a lot of Cantonese, gathering them in from time to time in Cantonese Stars fans, said: "I am Exercise you."

Leave the tears

Their trip to the many fans received a gift taxes appear that all gifts will be brought back to Taiwan, in fact, they have told fans not sending a gift to be sufficient to support their action. Although exports appear to have no time to visit Hong Kong Street shopping, but there are also outbound tram River, along the way there have been more than 20 cars followed them, more people recognize them passers-by, waving to greet them. At their departure may be worried about fans shouting. Yuan Tong admitted that I see the fans chanting, worried that their call will be moved to, they are prepared tissue Malei.

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