Friday, September 07, 2007

Asian Aunt Hong Kong and Macao are highly educated in Beauty

12 Asian sister, "Hong Kong and Macao SAR Division," shortlisted for the first ladies to meet the media yesterday, five against ladies will participate in the end of October in the final to sister for the Asian crown. But at the site yesterday to see, not the quality of public Beauty prominent part of Beauty is endless talk accent, as on the 3rd Liu Han interviewed more "jet fuel" to read "oil-salt chicken" for the 6th Anne Dai Yi Li and burning depending on the 7th Circuit proud easily become the focus.

Speaking Cantonese funny

Yesterday 12 ladies wearing harnesses blends briefly introduce themselves, although the Hong Kong and Macao SAR Division, but a lot of ladies are thick, pure Cantonese owed, on the 3rd of the Netherlands said Liu Han-Henan, LIU Yi calls again on the 10th Miss Asia as "Miss Asia Coke" was no end-to-end added English, the person engaging. As a proud, Wai-Anne on the 6th and the 7th Li Yi burning, it has become the scene logical focus of the filming. Try My Best! However, a 35-inch Wai Yi Li burning after that do not feel tall man, she smiled: "I may have to dance so peacetime body of a Fit!" As she owed pure Cantonese, she admitted some of the other ladies in her speak Cantonese, and that will Try My Best! .And on the 6th Circuit, in the Dai Anne had 36 inches. Apart from the Han Liu lived not for its own mistakes in the interview, she continued to bravely in Cantonese: "I prisoners of the presence of (Liaoning), in Henan (Netherlands) study in Hong Kong (Hong Kong) doing Marketing, the company sold mainly chicken-salt oil (jet fuel)! (Future Will the government make good Cantonese?) I will find friends of the Cantonese, but he is in mainland companies, weekdays are mainly speaking Mandarin. "

ATV refused Daishasha

Meanwhile, the "ATV" Arts, vice president of public relations and publicity of the earlier Jiabao went to the United States and Canada, and selected two from Los Angeles and Toronto Beauty returning overseas entries, and the division of 12 ladies will elect five in the final end of October, he said this session Beauty high qualifications, twelve people are in the 11's or higher degree, the General Assembly will be invited to supermodel beauty Beianqi the cat step, the makeup master Chen for their design style, will ask Dai Lin Xiong, Meng Beianqi and clothing design. On Beauty Daishasha unsuccessful cried "ATV" by publicity about her, Mr Jiabao: "She only by our publicity. (Yangmanchi said its nominees designated screened after the interview?) She is the judge? She signed not to us about, a lot of negative publicity, online voting proximity-tail judges think inappropriate. "Mr Jiabao said more hardline" ATV "temporarily do not intend to sign her work, because there is no work for her.

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