Friday, September 07, 2007

Maggie put on the first appearance of Chang

Supermodel Qian Zhou appearance and Limanjun (manga Maggie) - yesterday at the "Enhanced moon on the Mid-Autumn Festival-type" activities, in the past, the more sexy dress Maggie, wearing ancient appearance yesterday on the "Chang'e." She said this is the first time wearing ancient costume, never before tried so wear layers of clothing, coupled with a large comb and as I am well pleased. Asked whether she is often asked to show sexy. She said with a smile not certain. The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, like her own fresh cakes, but recently to lose weight, do not eat.

Qian Zhou risk disfigured appearance hot wax

Qian Zhou Festival appearance love to barbecue together with friends, she does not want to ask people on two reunion. She felt that more members playing atmosphere. But others see a pair, she will scrap. She also is not the recipe, I believe the future will have been rackets, because recently some male friends in development. She also said that because the child had experienced "hot wax" of bullet wounds, almost disfigured, but fortunately there was no final scar left, then her family will not be allowed to "hot wax", showed her meal.

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