Friday, September 07, 2007

Wei Lan positive for the Guangzhou concert rehearsals

"My First Wei-lan 2007 Guangzhou Concert" will leave on September 30 in Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium yesterday Wei-lan (Janice) made a special trip to Guangzhou Dahua shopping center at the press conference, more than 300 people gathered onlookers, the General Assembly into special globe to Janice, her implication in countries around the world look accomplishments.

Janice said, the concert will be held in outdoor venues, a full can accommodate 30,000 spectators, three times the audience is wearing, she admitted feeling very nervous now busy practicing her Mandarin and exercises, and ate Chinese medicine are completed. She then asked whether the sexy costumes show. Janice makes no bones that the song will wear sexy clothes, the guests, Wei Shi and sister are Charles Ying, Li was unable to attend because of filming.

The more enthusiastic fans better

Referring to the mainland fans have a warm, asked her to be worried about performance, the fans rushed to her Taiwan cable kiss. Janice do not mind this, the more enthusiastic fans feel better if the fans are female, she will be back to kiss each other, male fans can not, and said with a smile depends on the male fans Liang not cool, if cool can try to do it and not miss the opportunities!

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