Saturday, September 08, 2007

FU Ying and Li's lazy and not rumors

Banner:'s laughed off rumors

Recent Chuan's (Stephy) and the good sisters FU Ying (Theresa) break relations, attended yesterday's Stephy "fraternity Care Le savings" at the commencement ceremony, with Theresa When asked about the downtown and not the news, she used to see not strange that rumors often, not too many grounds, in short, Theresa has good results She also happy for each other. The scandal is that her boyfriend Mr Alex Fong did not fall out of favor, Stephy said laughingly, I thank her for a small clarification, perhaps earlier stage and recording her busy, little exposure, it attracted rumors out of favor.

Stephy "savings" on the "fraternity Care Le savings" at the start. She also said that small savings habits, debris will store the toys, often scolded her Mummy. Before she loves certificates Star card, Stephy that tried to buy star meal line cards, the result not enough money to eat, but to buy cheaper food to eat. She felt that she likes to buy things, I feel very happy, eat less has not called. Stephy is to present certificates to buy buildings, has been asked to support their families, she said, have to help their families, on behalf of her sister to buy investment funds.

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