Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bailey's enthusiasm skating event held him shoulder

Photo: Dallas skating Bubuxiaoxin

Bailey attended yesterday, "International Amateur Hockey Tournament" and the presentation guests, attended the same field are the "Hong Kong Amateur Hockey President" Wu new. Dallas sabotaged children, out-skating, but because she wore short skirts, demonstrated in carefully. And after the teams shoot for the big picture of Alexandra standing next to the Japanese player's Dazhu bluntly her shoulders, head and around photographs.

A delicate face

Asked after that of Alexandra Japan's beside the very near by. She faces a delicate and said: "Like a line." Asked her feel embarrassed. She said that it may be the other kind. She felt that the people playing ice hockey will be more enthusiasm, I believe that the other side have no other meaning. She also think players are very strong build, and she's wearing an ice hockey uniforms, the shoulder pads also have protective effects.

Step by step for business

Alexandra said their son has no formal learn skating, but did have her father play. The festival has previously about her to skating, took the opportunity to drag her hands. Her scenes have not noticed, likely to have previously male classmates about her to skating, but when they have knowledge of this recovery are not employed by the bridge. Before yesterday she played quite worried constantly called around children wandering slow down, for fear of falling feet into the air then embarrassed, but she also played at the end to prevent sneaked away.

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